What is Quantum Computing? India's first Quantum Computing Lab by MeitY and Amazon's AWS

MeitY partnership with Amazon AWS

What's in the news?

Recently, the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MeitY) declares that they are going to set up first Quantum Computing Application Lab in India in partnership with Amazon Web Services platform (which offers cloud computing support to Individuals, MNC's and even to the Government).

The MeitY's Quantum Computing Lab setup will help India to enter and work with the Quantum Computers. This step is going to provide essential services to government ministries and departments, scientists, researchers, developers and other academia. This is going to directly gives the positive impacts in the healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, IT and many other industries. The role of the AWS is to provide the technical and programmatic support to this lab.

Rahul Sharma, president of AWS India and South Asia. said that this partnership is going to be the World's first quantum computing lab on AWS that is helping a government mission.

But what is this Quantum Computing?

What is Quantum Computers?

If you form IT background, you probably had heard about this earlier. But, if you are not form IT field, let me explain Quantum Computers in the simplest way passible.

We know that computers operates in binary (i.e. 0 or 1). This means that computers can store information in only two ways called Conventional Bits. But, in the case of Quantum Computers, they can store information in 3 ways (i.e. 0, 1 or 01). This is called Quantum bits or Qubits. This enables us to store large amount of data in this data centric world.

Quantum computers have the enormous potential to solve difficult computational problems which can endeavor new innovations in enginerring, medical, finance and other essential fields.

So, it is very clear that India is evolving in the IT sector at a very fast pace. 

That's all for now. Stay tunned for more such trending and important news.

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