Michigan State's Flint water crisis case explained - 9 former officials were charged in a criminal case

Michigan's Flint Water Crises

Recently, on Thursday very shocking and important judgment was taken by the Michigan judiciary on the Flint water crisis case of 2014. Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud and Wayne County Prosecutor Kim L Worth taken the judgment that the nine officials including former governor of Michigan Rick Snyder word charge in the connection of Flint water crisis case.

Most of us are surely unaware of this case but this is was the most disastrous crisis that occurred in the Michigan State of US in 2014. Let's dig deep into this case background.

What is Michigan's Flint Water Crises?

This crisis is ongoing and one of the disastrous crises which began in 2014. What happens back then is that the city of Michigan - with a rough population of about one lakhs people suffer due the Govt. decision failure. Governor and other officials decided that they have to switch the water supply from Lake Huron to Flint river. As, the water of the Flint river is so much contaminated that this change results in increase level of lead contamination in the municipal drinking water of Flint due of corrosion of water pipelines.

Water Contamination

The result of this change is that the common civilians of Flint had to suffer. Soon, after that, an outbreak occurs in Flint city in the form of a serious form of pneumonia which is caused by Legionelle bacteria. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) named this type of pneumonia "Legionnaires's disease which is caused by breathing the mist or drinking that contaminated water.

Soon, after this outbreak government of Flint switched back the water supply to Lake Huron. But this was too late. The effect last long. In 2016 Michigan state declare an state emergency and advised locals not to drink municipal's tap water.

Flint Water Crises

One report from Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Responses (CASPER) states that one or more adult of over 66% of household were experiecing some sort of behavioral issues and over 54% of household reported that a child in their home is experiencing the same behavioral health issue.

But why was the water source changed?

According to AWWA article, in 2013 Flint official decided to deal with Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) to reduce the total cost of treated water. KWA was constructing a pipeline from Lake Huron to transmit water. Thus, meanwhile to fulfill the need of the water Flint official left with only two options - either to buy the water from DWSD, which is bit costlier or treat water from Flint river on their own at Flint Water Service Center (FWSC). The official chooses second and cheaper option. But FWSC fails in treating the water properly thus results in this disastrous water crises.

As per the report published by the Civil Right Commission states that this water crises is a result of racism, but in this crises both black and white suffered. 

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